Jim Cote

"Jim's instincts, along with his excellent negotiating skills, always seem to guarantee a terrific result." - Rick C.

Seasoned Real Estate judgment. That’s what I bring to the table.

After graduating from law school, I joined the Real Estate department of the nation's largest retailer, with a real estate portfolio in all fifty states. Several years into my career, my high performance led to promotion as the company's Director of Real Estate--responsible for the development of shopping centers across the country.  Years of operating in the cutthroat environment of multi-million-dollar development deals seasons your Real Estate judgment! Building on this, I formed my own real estate consulting firm and took-on the ownership and redevelopment of a large apartment complex and several shopping centers. My demonstrated seasoned judgment led to work with numerous retailers. With my kids out on their own, I opened several art galleries that I owned, representing a wide variety of the most up-and-coming prominent artists. 

I am now privileged to put that seasoned Real Estate judgment to work in partnership with 8z Real Estate, which I believe is Colorado’s highest integrity and productive real estate brokerage. It’s a perfect environment in which to use my years of Real Estate experience for the benefit of all my clients. Real estate has been a fundamental constant in my life and it is my passion. The real money I’ve made in life has been in real estate, whereas the money I’ve lost has not. I would love to put my seasoned Real Estate judgment to work helping you and your family find the right home and the best investment you will ever make.

Most of my work takes place in the South Denver metro area, with particular focus on the Castle Rock area and surrounding communities (Castle Pines, Larkspur, Lone Tree, and Sedalia). In Castle Rock, if you’re considering the Plum Creek neighborhood or Haystack Acres, I’m the guy to talk to.

Rick C.

I have known Jim Cote for much of his professional career in real estate and have been pleased to have purchased a number of investment properties from Jim over the years. I am very happy to say, every one of them has been a profitable investment. That being said, Jim is a very likeable person and easy to work with regards to explaining any upside or downside to a particular piece of property. I have found him to be very committed to his life in real estate and witnessed how seriously he takes this commitment to conducting the proper research and detailed preparation. He always appears to anticipate any questions I may have with regards a particular market segment. His instincts, along with his excellent negotiating skills, always seem to guarantee a terrific result. It is with complete enthusiasm that I endorse Jim Cote and thank him for the successful deals we have completed and trust there will be more in the future. I am proud to call Jim a friend as well as my Real Estate advisor.

Jeanne L.

8z Real Estate is the total package - everything and every service you need is under one roof. Everyone I dealt with knew their stuff, were friendly, and very helpful to me.

Becky G.

There are three main reasons why my 8z Realtors are such effective agents. They are careful listeners, know people who can get things done, and are on the cutting edge of real estate technology.